BESS Explosion Venting Device

The rapid development of energy storage technology has made containerized energy storage systems the core of smart grids. With its innovative spirit, we have introduced highly efficient roof and wall explosion venting devices specifically designed to address the risks of explosions caused by thermal runaway, such as hydrogen generation, control system failure, and hazardous gas leakage. We have implemented stringent risk control measures, significantly reducing the potential for property damage and personal injury.

This product offers a cost-effective protection solution that prevents equipment damage and loss caused by explosions during the production process. During normal operation, it effectively seals the pressure relief openings on the equipment. In the event of an abnormal internal pressure increase, the device quickly activates, safely releasing pressure and flames to protect the equipment from harm. This technology can effectively vent various explosive substances, including light metal dusts, gases, and mixtures. Our passive explosion venting protection system utilizes specially designed explosion venting panels to safely guide the explosive pressure, ensuring optimal performance in terms of safety and efficiency.

Product Advantages

  • Strict compliance with NFPA 68/855 standards, ensuring scientifically calcFMated explosion venting area
  • Precise setting of opening pressure value to avoid premature pressure relief due to misoperation or adverse weather conditions
  • Easy to maintain, effectively reducing operating costs
  • Convenient replacement of explosion venting fasteners after an explosion event
  • Utilizes FM-certified explosion venting gaskets to ensure high-quality product standards
  • Employs proprietary edge anti-leakage treatment to prevent leakage and internal water accumFMation in the energy storage box
  • Uses stainless steel sealed blind rivets to connect explosion venting gaskets, ensuring consistent fastening
  • Applies high-performance, long-lasting electrostatic powder coating, significantly improving product durability
  • Possesses excellent waterproofing performance, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment

·Equipped with high-quality insulation layers to comprehensively enhance energy utilization efficiency