Bucket Elevator Safety Monitoring System

Anti-misalignment, under-speed, and temperature monitoring devices are essential for the safe operation of bucket elevators. By adopting advanced sensors and safety PLC technology, real-time monitoring of equipment operating status can be achieved.

The anti-misalignment device is an electromechanical limit switch. When the belt or pulley misaligns, the sensor detects the presence of lateral force and triggers the relay contacts, promptly issuing an alarm signal and stopping the machine to prevent accidents.

The under-speed device uses an inductive proximity sensor to monitor shaft speed, shaft position, gate position, or the presence of objects. It does not require direct contact with the detected target. By sensing the presence of a metal target, it determines the operating status of the equipment and can alarm and stop the machine if any abnormality is detected.

The temperature monitoring device is used to monitor bearing temperature. The specially designed adjustable probe enables more accurate temperature measurement. The sensor is directly installed on the lubrication oil nozzle of the bearing seat, without affecting daily lubrication operations.

The combined use of these devices enables comprehensive monitoring of the bucket elevator’s operating status, quickly responding to abnormal situations, effectively preventing accidents, ensuring personnel and equipment safety, and improving production efficiency and equipment reliability.