Building Explosion Resistant

Adhesive fireproof and explosion resistant panels are an innovative patented explosion-proof product that utilizes advanced material composite technology. By bonding high-strength fiber-reinforced cement board with color-coated steel plate, it achieves excellent fire-resistant and explosion-proof performance. Moreover, the product is easy to install, lightweight, and has a single panel size of 1200mm×1200mm×10mm. It can be widely used in clean workshops, industrial sites that store flammable gases, liquids, or dust, and is suitable for various components such as fire-resistant and explosion-proof doors and windows, fire-resistant and explosion-proof walls, explosion-proof shelters, and explosion-proof ceilings.

To meet the dust-free requirements of cleanrooms, the adhesive fire-resistant and explosion-proof panels adopt a patented dust-free metal clip fastening method. The surface is treated with an antistatic coating, effectively preventing static electricity accumulation and reducing dust adhesion. This technological breakthrough solves the design challenge of how clean workshops can simultaneously meet cleanliness requirements and provide fire and explosion protection when facing the potential risk of chemical explosions, offering customers a comprehensive solution.

The TKC explosion-proof series products also include explosion-proof rolling doors, explosion-proof energy-saving windows, explosion-proof valves, explosion-proof coatings, etc. Through reasonable system design and product selection, a complete explosion-proof system can be formed, effectively enhancing the overall explosion-proof capability of buildings and minimizing the potential hazards of explosion accidents to personnel, equipment, and the environment.