Building Explosion Venting

The TKC Explosion Venting Fastener consists of three core components: explosion venting washer, explosion venting fastener, and positioning sleeve. The TKC-JS900 Traction Cable is composed of stainless steel rope and matching safety buckles. Together with explosion venting windows, doors, walls, and roofs, they form the TKC Building Explosion Venting System.

Explosion venting systems are designed for areas storing explosive substances or gases. By precisely calculating wind pressure and explosion pressure, they ensure that risks can be quickly and effectively released in emergency situations to prevent disaster from spreading. Correct installation and regular maintenance are key to ensuring that the system operates efficiently and meets the strictest safety standards at critical moments.

Product advantages:

· Explosion Venting Fastener is certified by Factory Mutual (FM)

· Traction Cable meets FM1-44 design requirements

· Provides FM1-44 compliant explosion venting pressure and area calculations

· Offers reasonable layout solutions for Explosion Venting Fasteners and Traction Cables

· Provides wind resistance calculation services for explosion venting walls or roof structures