Explosion Suppression System

The explosion suppression system is an active explosion protection device equipped with highly sensitive sensors that can quickly detect danger within milliseconds of an explosion occurring. Once signs of an explosion are detected, the system immediately activates by opening the fast-acting valves on the suppressor units, rapidly deploying specially designed telescopic nozzles to every corner of the protected area.

These highly efficient nozzles uniformly disperse the suppressant throughout the entire protected space in a very short time, quickly extinguishing the initial flames and effectively controlling the rate of pressure increase, maintaining it within the designed pressure resistance range of the equipment, thus avoiding catastrophic damage. For more comprehensive explosion prevention, we recommend supplementing the explosion suppression system with chemical isolation devices, forming multiple layers of protection to eliminate the possibility of explosions spreading to subsequent areas of the equipment.

Our explosion suppression system is FM certified and meets the strict requirements of international standards such as EN 14373 and NFPA 69, making it an ideal choice for explosion safety in your industrial facilities.