FM Approved Firestop Contractor

Shanghai Tengxi Construction Engineering, as the first FM approved firestop contractor in China, and also a member of the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) and the International Firestop Council (IFC), we are committed to providing you with professional firestop design, installation, and inspection services to comprehensively protect your property safety.

FM4991 certification is different from FM product certification. It is not a certification for individual products but rather an indication that a company or individual possesses specific capabilities or meets specific standards. For example, FM4991 means that the contractors involved in the project need to pass an assessment of their knowledge and skills in firestop systems, as well as an audit of their quality assurance plan. This qualification certification demonstrates that the contractor has the professional ability and quality assurance to perform firestop work.

Our service team has undergone professional training and qualification certification exams, possessing extensive technical knowledge and practical experience. They can fully consider various aspects of firestop system design, fire resistance ratings, material selection, and installation specifications to ensure the achievement of fire protection effects. We use FM-approved firestop materials and systems and carry out construction in accordance with strict quality control standards to ensure the safety and reliability of the project. Additionally, we also provide regular inspection and maintenance services to ensure the continued effectiveness of the firestop system.