Hazardous Chemical Storage Container

· Designed specifically for the safe storage of various hazardous chemicals

· FM certified to ensure explosion-proof performance

· Dimensions: 20 feet, external dimensions 6058*2438*2591mm

· Weight: 2.4 tons

· Fire and explosion resistant door fire resistance duration: 2 hours

· Container roof fire resistance duration: 30 minutes

· Container wall fire resistance duration: 1 hour

· Roof explosion venting pressure value: 0.9-1.92kPa (considering local wind speed)

· Frame keel structure inward acting force not less than 0.7kPa

· Frame keel structure outward acting force not less than 1.0kPa

· Roof keel structure dead load plus snow load not less than 1.95kN/m²

· Floor keel structure load-bearing capacity not less than 1220kg/m²

· Maximum storage capacity is 1155 gallons