Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities Firestop Requirements and Regulations

2.1 Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities(FM7-7) Penetrations Seal any penetrations through fire-rated wall systems using FM Approved wall penetration fire stop materials (installed by an FM Approved fire stop contractor, when available). Ensure the FM Approved fire stop material used has fire rating equal to or greater than the wall, floor or ceiling the penetration is passing through. Tightly seal all floor penetrations within a cleanroom where the fab and subfab are separated by a solid, noncombustible floor. Use minimum one-hour rated, FM Approved fire stop materials. Provide a leakage-rated penetration seal with the lowest rating possible, but not exceeding 7 ft3/min/ft2 (2.1 m3/min/m2), in addition to the fire-resistance rating for equipment room penetrations (see Section 3.1.2). Verify the integrity of wall and floor penetration sealing (see Section on a minimum yearly basis and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.


2.2 Cleanroom(FM1-56) Tightly seal all utility penetrations in solid noncombustible floors with Approved fire stop materials. Seal any penetrations through rated wall systems using Approved wall penetration fire stops. Establish a semiannual inspection program to verify that all wall and floor penetrations are properly sealed and that the integrity of all subdivisions is maintained. Test all fire doors. Combustion Tests

1. Fire Propagation Index (FPI): this index is determined based on the fire propagation tests conducted and represents the rate at which the surface of the material is involved in fire. Nonpropagating materials have FPI values at or below 6.0 (m/s1/2)/(kW/m)1/2.

2. Smoke Development Index (SDI): this index is defined as the product of the FPI index and the yield of smokefor a given material. SDI is an indicator of the smoke contamination of the environment expected during fire propagation. Materials expected to limit smoke contamination have SDI of 0.4 (m/s1/2)(g/g)(kW/m)2/3 or less.