Spark Extinguishing System

In industrial production processes, the generation of sparks and embers is not uncommon. These high-temperature particles can be carried by airflow and propagate through pipes or conveyors to downstream equipment such as filters, cyclone separators, or silos. Once these particles reach this equipment, they may cause smoldering, which can escalate into fires or even destructive explosions, posing a serious threat to the safety of equipment and personnel and leading to prolonged production downtime.

To effectively reduce the risk of fire, protect equipment and personnel safety, and minimize downtime caused by fires, we offer advanced spark extinguishing system solutions. The core of this system is a highly sensitive detector that can react to sparks within the conveying system in a matter of milliseconds. Once a spark or fire is detected, the control unit immediately receives a signal from the detector, triggering a fast-opening solenoid valve to release pressurized water.

Strategically positioned extinguishing nozzles inside the conveyor system then spray a conical water mist, effectively suppressing any unwanted sparks or burning particles. Once the system successfully eliminates the hazard, it automatically returns to standby mode, ready to protect your facility at any time.