Highlights from the Shanghai Exhibition

The 13th Shanghai International Energy Storage Industry Exhibition concluded successfully, and it’s time to share our exciting achievements with you!


During the exhibition, we showcased several core products and services:


  • BESS Determination and Calculation of Venting Area (Reference standards: NFPA 855/NFPA 68)
  • BESS Explosion Venting Device (FM4440/ATEX certified), effectively reducing the explosion risk caused by thermal runaway in electric energy storage systems
  • BESS Cable Fire Protection Sealing/Fireproof Coatings/Fireproof Sealing, providing comprehensive protection for the fire protection areas of energy storage systems

In addition, we engaged in deep discussions with industry peers from around the world, exchanging insights on the future development trends and cooperation opportunities in the industry. This exhibition was not only a stage for us to showcase our latest products but also a valuable opportunity to promote industry exchange and cooperation.


We sincerely thank all the friends who participated in this exhibition and witnessed this memorable moment with us. In the future, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing better products and services to our customers, working together to advance disaster prevention and safety in buildings!