Energy Storage:Safety First!

Recently, a serious fire incident occurred at the Gateway energy storage station in San Diego, California, highlighting the potential risks associated with lithium-ion battery energy storage systems. The fire burned for several days and reignited multiple times, demonstrating the significant challenges and dangers posed by the “thermal runaway” phenomenon of lithium-ion batteries. To address these potential risks, our company has launched an excellent BESS Explosion Venting Device specifically designed to handle explosion risks caused by thermal runaway, ensuring the safe operation of your energy storage system.

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BESS Explosion Venting Device

Product Highlights:

  • Addressing Thermal Runaway Risks: The report mentioned that the “thermal runaway” reaction of lithium batteries was the main cause of this fire. Our explosion venting device effectively addresses this risk. When the internal pressure of the energy storage system rises abnormally, the device will quickly activate to safely release pressure, preventing the spread of the fire.
  • Strict Standards, Safe and Reliable: Our explosion venting device strictly adheres to NFPA 68/855 standards, ensuring scientifically calculated explosion venting areas to maximize safety.
  • Precision Settings, Preventing Misoperation: The device is precisely set with opening pressure values to avoid premature pressure relief caused by misoperation or adverse weather conditions, ensuring stable system operation.
  • Easy Maintenance, Reduced Costs: Designed for easy maintenance, the explosion venting components can be conveniently replaced after an explosion event, effectively reducing operational costs.
  • High-Quality Materials, Durable and Long-Lasting: Featuring FM-certified explosion venting gaskets, stainless steel sealed blind rivets, and high-performance long-lasting electrostatic powder coatings, the product ensures durability and high quality.
  • Outstanding Waterproof Performance, Stable Operation: The device boasts excellent waterproof performance, paired with high-quality insulation layers, enhancing energy efficiency and ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Why Choose Our BESS Explosion Venting Device?

Our explosion venting device provides an economical and efficient protection solution that can quickly activate to safely release pressure when internal pressure rises abnormally, preventing equipment damage and personnel injury. In the face of thermal runaway and multiple explosion risks in energy storage systems, the explosion venting device can effectively reduce risks and provide reliable safety assurance.


In the context of the rapid development of global energy storage technology, we are committed to providing the safest and most efficient solutions to protect your energy storage system from potential risks.


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